Friday, July 12, 2013

Reason to Be Happy #1: Craft Swap

I changed my blog name! I know! I know! It's the second post and I already changed it. Well, here is why... I don't really want to be blogging about my etsy shop all of the time. It's super fun but there is more to life. I want to share with you what makes me smile. Every Friday I am going to post about something that has recently made me super happy. Hopefully it will make you happy too! That way every Saturday we will both have at least one thing to smile about.

So, a while ago I started following +Linda Gardner from Craftaholics Anonymous on Pinterest. I actually can't remember how I heard about her. I think was through another awesome blogger. Anyway, I found out that she does an awesome craft swap twice a year. Of course, I HAD to join. I'm glad that I did! First, I want to show you what my awesome new friend, Kathy, at gave me! I was super excited about this!

Seriously, this lady is awesome! She gave me three pairs of earrings, two necklaces, four hair clips, AND a super cute salmon chevron infinity scarf! I am wearing the scarf and one of the hair clips as I write this. I love all of it. She did an amazing job.

Now, for what I gave. I hope she likes it! Here it is...

I hope she likes it! :)