Friday, July 19, 2013

Reason to Be Happy #3: Cute Etsy Shops

Hello! It's Friday again and time for me to give you a few more reasons to be happy!

I don't know about you but I love to shop. I especially love shopping at little boutiques or other unique places. The only thing better than shopping is being able to hang out with my husband, drink an ice cold Diet Coke, and relax at home while shopping. Etsy is a perfect place to do this.

I actually just started putting items in a shop of my own about a month ago. Feel free to take a look at

I want to introduce you to two shops that I love. One is If Only Lola Lee and the other is Some Kind of Pretty.

If Only Lola Lee is a darling shop to help you celebrate special moments. You can find birthday invitations, wedding announcements, baby announcements, and other fun things. Just go to

My very favorite item in Mattie Tomasik's (shop owner's) shop is this:

This is one of Mattie's shower invations. I love the roses (of course) and the color combination. Take a look at her other items too!

Another shop that is super cute is Some Kind of Pretty. I am a huge fan of jewelry. I especially love affordable necklaces and earrings. Catheryn Dallenbach's (store owner's) shop is full of things like that.  She has lots of items. One of my favorite items is this:

This has flowers too! I might like flowers a little bit... ha :) Anyway, I LOVE the colors! It is such a fun piece and is totally affordable. If you love jewelry like I do you will definitely want to have a look at Some Kind of Pretty.

Thanks for letting me show these shops to you! Etsy is a great place to even just do some window shopping. As Etsy shop owners we love when a person favorites something and especially when they favorite our shop! So if you don't have money to spend but love a shop you can still show them some love. That's part of the fun of Etsy!

One last thought...

Let's share the happiness and help others to smile too! Have a great day! 

<3 Maddie Rose