Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Merry Happy Unbirthday to You! (a giveaway)

I am so excited to finally be posting this giveaway! I have been trying to get it planned for a while and was actually supposed to post it yesterday. But, I have been feeling... well, not great (as you may have guessed from the serious lack of blog posts).

This giveaway is all about Alice in Wonderland and a Merry Happy Unbirthday! I thought it would be a great way to have some fun before the craziness of the holidays hits. Also, maybe you will find some great shops that you will just have to do some Christmas shopping from. I know I have!

The Noisy Butterfly has gorgeous jewelry that is right up my alley.

Raquel's watch/locket necklace is for the white rabbit, who, as we all know, is late for a very important date.

Bauble Boxes has lots of decorated wooden boxes that are perfect for any occassion. 

This is what the creator, Camille, had to say about this special box:

"Wonderland was a magical place where the flowers grew in all beautiful colors, this box represents the flowers of wonderland. May it take you into your own wonderland, where you can store things you find along the way... perhaps a magic potion?!"

The next fun shop is Designs by Jamie Irene. 

Jamie creates stationary and wall art. This piece reminds us of the love of learning and wonder that Alice had. If you remember, her adventures all began with a story.

CoonsKreations has lots of cozies for all of those delish hot drinks.

Melissa says this about the above cozy: 

"This little mug sleeve is the perfect addition to your morning cup of coffee or tea! Hand-crocheted with a soft peach-covered yarn, this cozy features a cute quote by Alice in Wonderland to mull over while enjoying your brew. Check out my shop - CoonsKreations - to see more whimsical items similar to this."

Prints for Events has custom stationary and decor. 

A birthday banner is perfect for celebrating your own little unbirthday or real birthday! 

Be sure to enter the giveaway below! There will be five different winners so there is a chance it could be you! :)

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