Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kids' Halloween Magnets (a tutorial)

Did you know that Michael’s has darling Halloween cutouts for like 30 cents each? Seriously, they are so cute and could be used for so many projects.

I just had to get some. I decided that the girls I watch and I would make some magnets with them. It’s really easy.

 All you need is:

 any various colors of paint
wood glue
circle magnets
permanent markers
sponge paint
paper plates, paper towels, and wipes (for easy clean up)


 First, I gave both of the girls a plate with paint on it. I told them not to mix the colors because it wouldn’t make their projects very pretty. So, what did they do? They mixed them. It was fine when at first they thought it was pretty that they were painting with a dark gray. But, when they figured out they wanted purple, orange, green, and black it wasn’t so great. I then I had to give them each another plate. I decided on the second plate they would not get black. It wasn’t really a punishment as much as that I just wanted them to be happy with their results. Oh, by the way, you should probably know that one of the girls who I watch is a perfectionist. They are both very sweet but if they oldest doesn’t make things look perfect she gets very upset.

 Once that little learning experience was over it got much better. We even turned it into a two day project by shopping, painting, and gluing the first day. Then we let everything dry. The next day we drew on them with permanent markers. It was so fun to see the designs and things that they came up with.

 as always,