Saturday, October 12, 2013

Five Current Awesome Deals

I love to shop but not just anything. I am definitely a bargain hunter. Here are five great things that I am loving right now. I hope you enjoy!

1. The Dating Divas are offering 25% off to the Pinners Conference. I am super excited about this! I don't know what deal could beat it to be honest.

2. Pick Your Plum has washi tape for $1.50 a roll! I have never seen washi tape for such a great price. 

3. Groupon has these darling loafers for $13.99 each! They look so cute and comfortable. Oh, did I mention that they are normally $50. I would say that's a pretty good deal!

4. Zulily has Angelina from the Kevin Henkes books. He is one of my favorite authors and Angelina is just too cute.

5. American Eagle has my favorite pants on sale. I love their jeggings in xtra long. They are actually long enough for my crazy long legs. They are the most comfortable pants ever too! This pair is an awesome rust color. Oh, they are 40% off with free shipping (all items are) until Monday. 

as always,