Thursday, October 3, 2013

Award from Madi from and So I Did! :)

I was nominated by Madi at and So I Did  for the Liebster Award! I actually got paired up with Madi for the Cara Box and I have already enjoyed getting to know her. She is real, funny, and pretty! :)

Since I already did this once and partly a second time I'm not going to do it all again. But, I want answer her questions.

Here we go!

1. What is your favorite season?

Fall! I love, love, love fall! I love the smells, the changing leaves, the beginning of the holidays, the cozy sweaters, and all the rest. 

2. What is your favorite breakfast food?
I would have to say french toast topped with fruit and syrup.

3. What would you eat for your last meal?
I had a grilled cheese panini sandwich and salad.

4. What is your favorite team and what sport do they play?
Umm... The only sports that I have ever really watched were the ones my brothers play.

5. Describe your style...
Bohemian Chic? I'm not sure exactly but that's probably the closest.

6. What is your favorite animal?
I love all animals. My favorite is probably a giraffe though. My family always talks about how I'm like a giraffe because I'm so tall. I also just like them though.

7. What is your best personality trait?
I don't know. I asked my husband and he said my silliness. I guess that works! :)

8. What is a hidden talent/skill that you have?
Hmm... I'm not really sure that I have any hidden talents or skills. Maybe I do and it's just so hidden that even I don't realize it. Something that not a lot of people know is that I have started to upcycle clothes and love it. I love taking something that I'm getting sick of it and changing it to make something new and cute that's just my style. 

9. What is your favorite physical trait in the opposite sex?
I would probably have to say height and eyes as far as appearance goes. 

10. What's your favorite physical trait in yourself?
I have started to really like being tall. Now that I'm married it's not a problem. I also like my hair color.

as always,