Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Oatmeal Scotchies Review

If you saw my post, 10 Fall Recipes to try you probably noticed all of the delish treats that I will be making and reviewing. I know how it is to find recipes online and just not be sure if they are worth trying or not. Well, I have a great one for you. Yes, you should jump out of your chair. Yes, you should run to the car. Yes, you do need to go get the ingredients right this minute; because I do have a wonderful recipe for you! 

I found the recipe for pumpkin oatmeal scotchies on Pinterest. It originally comes from Just a Pinch. I had never seen the site but thought I had to try to recipe. If I didn't test them to find out what they were really worth who would?

Do I have you convinced that you need to try them yet? If not, I will continue. If so, get to it my friends! :) When these cookies come out of the oven the butterscotch chips literally melt in your mouth. The flavor of the butterscotch with the oatmeal and pumpkin are absolutely wonderful. I even made them twice in one week because they were so good. Some might say that's crazy but I say it's brilliant!

as always,