Saturday, August 3, 2013

Reason #8 to Be Happy: Staying Happy in Happily Ever After

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today I want to talk about love and marriage. I haven't been married a year yet so people are always asking me how I like being married. I find it a little sad how many people are surprised when I tell them that I absolutely love it. A lot of people apparently have a hard time with their first year of marriage. I think that is sad for them. I think that it is possible to make things better though. Whether you are already happy in your marriage or are having a lot of struggles there are ways to improve your relationship.

A great source of inspiration for improving any relationship is on Fawn Weaver is the lady behind the great site. She provides real-life advice and ideas for growing closer. Her site has been voted #1 by You should definitely check it out!

Anyway, I want to share one of my favorite articles from her site with you. It is called "3 Ways to Create Your Happily Ever After... Once Life Happens." It is easy to love when you are dating or engaged and still on cloud nine. But, once reality hits again it seems to get a little more difficult for just about everyone. I remember when my husband and I were dating and engaged we weren't ever really worrying about other things as much. Now that we are married and back to real life we don't have as much time to just be cutesy. However, we still love each other and make our love a priority.

In the article, "3 Ways to Create Your Happily Ever After... Once Life Happens", , there are a few tips on how to make things great again. They are: changing your expectations, learning to pursue, and accepting "your happily ever after." These three tips may seem simple or they may seem too difficult. But, I know that they make a big difference in a marriage.

It seems that maybe a reason that some couples really struggle is because they don't focus on the right things. There are some questions that you may want to ask yourself and your spouse.

Here is a list of some of those:
1) What time do we have together? When we have time together are we actually spending it together?
2) What makes me feel loved? What makes my spouse feel loved? How can we incorporate more of those things into our daily lives?
3) What things are taking away from our relationship (time, intimacy,etc.)? Are those things important? If so, how important?
4) What do we miss from our days before "happily ever after?" How can we get some of that back?

Do you need some more ideas for strengthening your marriage? Fawn has another excellent article on her blog about simple daily things that can make a difference. It is called "Project Happily Ever After." Read it here: or click on the image below.

What things have worked for you? How do you maintain a feeling of love in your marriage?

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