Friday, August 9, 2013

Reason #13 to Be Happy: Friendly Friday guest post! Guest Blogger: Laurie from Created by Laurie

Hello friends!

I am so excited to have Laurie from Created by Laurie visiting today! She is a wonderful lady who lives in paradise. Literally! She lives on the island of Oahu. Laurie lives with her husband and two sons. She has an etsy shop at She sews darling little stuffed animals. Like this one!

She also has awesome dinosaurs, elephants, and other cuddly friends. Be sure to visit her at

Here is what Laurie has to share with us today!

Hi everyone, I feel honored to be a guest blogger here at My Saturday Smiles! I wanted to take the opportunity to share one of my tutorials. When I have extra time outside of being a Mother or Wife, I like to sew. This is an easy craft that can be made using some left over fabric.  :)

Whether you are a cold sissy like me, or have sore muscles- a heat pack is a great thing to have on hand! They are easy to make and last forever!

What You Will Need
Fabric of your choice
Rice to fill
Aromatherapy oil (Optional)

Start by cutting your fabric to size desired. I cut mine 17x17 inches. Your fabric will be folded in half. I made mine a rectangle so I can wrap it around my neck, over a shoulder, or lay with it under my back. You can make yours bigger/smaller in any size  :)   Sew the bottom and the side with a 1/4 inch inseam leaving the top open. Trim the one corner. (If you would like to add aromatherapy oil to your rice, do so now. Mix it up well and set to the side.)

Fold the end of your fabric down about 1/2 inch and iron it flat.

Now turn the fabric right side out and push the corner out. Measure your fabric to find the center and use a pin to mark it 2 inches in on each end. Mine was 8 inches tall so 2 inches in the width I marked it at 4 inches with a pin.

Sew a straight line down in between your 2 pins. This will help keep your rice spread out evenly.

Now fill your heating pad with your rice pouring it down each side evenly. Fill it up about 2/3 of the way full. You want it to be flexible to bend where you need it to.

Sew the open end shut close to the edge.

Heat up and enjoy  :)
(Note: Be careful not to heat too long, start with 2 minutes and test how hot it is on your skin.)

Thanks for reading!
You can find some more tutorials along with weekly giveaways at my blog Created By Laurie