Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reason #11 to Be Happy: Melty Crayon Project

Hello again!

So you have probably seen those projects that people do on canvas with melted crayons. Yesterday, while spending time with the girls I nanny we decided to try it.

Before I go on I just have to say that I LOVE back to school sales! I love that you can get Crayola (the one and true crayon brand) crayons for $0.50 at Target. Those same packs of 24 crayons are sometimes over $4.00 at other places! It gives me a reason to smile.

Anyway, we first took off the paper around the crayons. Then I told them to break the crayons. I think they thought I was slightly crazy for that. I think most kids are usually told to be careful a million times every day. If they break things it means big trouble. Because of that it was a nice little freedom that they had. They enjoyed even just that part!

Then I asked them what design they wanted to make with the crayons. The six year old told me that she wanted to make a princess. I told her that might be a little too tricky. I honestly think it would have turned into a big blob. But, she changed her mind anyway. She decide to do a "BYU" for her grandpa. I glued the crayons on for her and let her blow on the crayons with the wax.

This is how it turned out:

The four year old decided to do a flower and a heart. I had to help her a bit more. But, I think they both had a lot of fun.

The hardest part for them was wanting control. Eventually they figured out that the wax wasn't really going to be controlled. Once they figured that out it became super fun! They had smiles on their faces the whole time. I would definitely encourage you to do this with your own kids or kids that you spend time with. Now is the perfect time because of the great prices on crayons.

One last thought for today...

It's your choice. What will you choose?

<3 Maddie Rose