Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Reason #23 to Be Happy: Seeing Yourself as You Truly Are

This morning I came across an amazing organization. I had to share it with you. I am not sharing this for money or to be compensated in any way. I am sharing because it is something that I strongly believe is important.

The organization is The I Am Project. It helps women across the United States and possibly even across the world realize what true beauty really is.

Their reasoning is because "right now you there are distorted images of women in the magazines you read the advertisements you see."

This very short video will help you to realize that a little more. In it there is a woman who is naturally beautiful. But, then her image is created into something quite different. We can all argue whether what we see next is beauty or not. But, the undeniable truth is that it is unnatural. This video was created by Dove who also have similar goals to the I Am Project.

So, what are the goals of the I Am Project? Well, they hope to first, inspire women to stop comparing themselves to what Hollywood sees as beauty or the ideal woman. Second, they want to inspire women to be confident and feel beautiful in their own skin. Third, they want to change what society sees as normal for body size and shape.

There is no normal. Often we take things lightly when saying that we wish we looked like someone else. I know that almost, if not every woman out there, has wished at least once that she had a different body. For some that is height, weight, teeth, eyes, or something else.

I have probably wished this just as much as anyone else. I know their were times when I used to make myself feel physically sick if I ate more than I thought I should. There was a point in my life when I was spending nearly 3 hours at the gym every day and watching my diet like a hawk. I might have been my thinnest. But, I was certainly not may happiest. I have gotten so much better at this. I now realize what beauty I have and am happier because of it.

 I also have friends who are some of the most beautiful women you will ever meet. However, they have struggled with these same things. I have even known some who have spent time hospitalized because they couldn't see their natural beauty.

If you look back at the picture above you see that these women look truly happy. That is because they know that they are not the world's idea of perfect. However, they can see their beauty. Because they can see it the rest of the world can see it.

I encourage you to see your own beauty. It takes work and sometimes it takes a lot of hard work. But, you can do it.

If you want to participate in the I Am Project you can find more information here.

One more thing that I would love to share with you. That' Who I Am by Jessica Andrews has been a song that I have found uplifting. It makes me feel like I am great just the way I am. I hope it does the same for you.

lots of love,