Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reason #19 to Be Happy: My Gas Tank is On Full (even when it might not look that way)

Please ignore how terrible this picture is. Try to see that the gas tank is actually on full! That is pretty rare for me (and probably just about any other college student).This picture is like my day today. It wasn't a terrible day but there were definitely some not so great parts. There were also better parts.

When I went to leave work this afternoon my car would not start. I just started this job so it was pretty embarrassing! I did not want to admit to some people in a wealthy area that my ghetto car wouldn't move. But, when you're in that situation you have to do what you have to do! So, I went back up to the front door and knocked. 

To make a long story not so long I will jump ahead. I ended up making it so that two of the girls missed gymnastics. I tried telling them to go ahead and I would wait for my husband. That didn't happen though. We got a neighbor to try helping but nothing would work.

So, I went back inside the house with the three girls and their mom. I waited for my husband to come and about a half hour later he was there. I was so happy to see him. We finally figured out how to get the car moving. It just needed gas... oops 

Okay, so maybe that wasn't so terrible but let me tell you what was... I lost my job. I was watching three girls (two, four, and six). By day one I could tell that something was a little off. Usually kids LOVE me but the four year old did not seem to. That was weird for me but since the other two did love me I decided to try to make it work. I tried to have fun surprises, making delicious treats, took them to the park and on picnics, and anything else that I could think of. The four year still did not love me but I knew that with time we would bond and our personality differences wouldn't matter so much. 

Tonight as I was sitting on the couch I got a phone call. It was the mom saying that we weren't a great fit. I already knew this it but something that I had been trying to make work. It was sad. I will leave it at that. 

Just to add to it and make things a little better, I got to park a block away from my apartment because the managers have decided to do some crazy work on the parking lot.

Are you ready for the good now???

When we (my husband and I) got back we decided to fill my gas tank up all the way to make sure that the same thing would not happen again! Yay! 

But, for real... 

I got my perfect fit back! You might wonder why I don't have the job anymore if it was a perfect fit. Well, I was caring for two boys who I absolutely ADORE. I still consider them "my" boys. However, they moved so that they could be closer to where their mom works. I can completely understand that but it was still really hard for me. I was super attached to my boys. I was talking to their mom today (who I love too) and we realized that it wouldn't be so bad if I would just take the front runner. So, I am going to start watching them again on Monday. Yay!!! :)

So, today there were some not so great parts. I also realized that I am very blessed though. Here are just a few reasons why I am so blessed:

1. I have the sweetest husband in the world who loves me no matter what.
2. I have a sweet baby (Belle, my dog) who gives me kisses when I'm sad (and always).
3. I have a sweet kitty (Lucy) who snuggles with me.
4. I have a mom who is one of my very best friends.
5. I have a great family. They might be a little crazy but they really are great.
6. I have friends who help me to find reasons to smile.
7. I have a comfortable bed to sleep in at night.
8. I have a car that will take me places... and a gas tank that is FULL!
9. I have all of life's necessities (and many of the luxuries).
10. I have plenty of food to keep me full and happy. Mostly, I'm thankful for the Diet Coke though. :)

Here's to the good in today and a better tomorrow!