Saturday, August 17, 2013

Reason #17 to Be Happy: Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed and Activity

One thing that I love is children's books. I think I have more than any person without children. It's a good thing that I work with kids or it would be even more strange!

I love finding great books at thrift stores and garage sales. A while ago I found a garage sale where a teacher was selling tons of her books. Jackpot! :) There were so many and so many good ones. I'm talking about Eric Carle, Dr.Suess, Mercer Meyer, and those kinds of books. I had to stop myself from buying too many.

Anyway, one of the best books that I found was one that I had never seen. It was a hard back and had cute illustrations. That's why I originally bought it. But, I was surprised by how great it really was.

Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed is basically a book about paying it forward for little ones. Ordinary Mary who is just an ordinary girl is able to change the whole world! She does that just by sharing with five people! :) 

I decided to read this book with the girls who I watch. The activity that we will be doing with it is to share with five people. The first day that we read it we made cookies. Then the four year old took some to her friend's family. 

I will keep you posted on the other ways that we share with others.

What fun ways have you and your little ones done some service?