Sunday, September 8, 2013

Reason #28 to Be Happy: Quinoa Mexican Salad

I am a huge fan of Mexican food. We usually get dinner from Café Rio (our favorite Mexican restaurant) about once a week. Going out for dinner is great but having a simple meal to make is great too.

A few days ago we were going to have Mexican food for dinner. I decided to make some quinoa to go with our quesadillas/burritos. I ended up making a little quinoa salad. It was so good! Don’t you just love simple and tasty meals?

Here is the recipe…
Quinoa Mexican Salad
1 ½ cup of quinoa cooked according to package
            While the quinoa is cooking add about 1 TBSP of salsa

Once the quinoa is cooked add
            1 tomato chopped
            1 avocado chopped
            ¼ onion chopped
            1 bag/can of corn
            1 can of black beans

That’s it! It takes about 20 minutes total to make (counting the cooking time for the quinoa).

I hope you enjoy it like we did. J